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    USB 2.0 Fiber Modem

    Type:FCP-UT/FCP-UR Message

    Description:1 fiber interface;1USB2.0 interface;Transmit one USB2.0, and expand to four USB interfaces at the remote end.

    Product Description
            This series of USB 2.0 fiber modem consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The USB interface(USB2.0) of the host computer is extended to a remote terminal and expanded to four USB ports through a single-mode or multi-mode optical fiber. Maximum transmission distance is 10KM( single mode fiber). Support USB1.1 and 2.0 type high-speed cameras, hard disk drives, printers, scanners, audio devices, touch screens, game controllers and other devices. This product can be applied in video conference, multimedia information publishing, governments departments, medical systems, commercial displays, multimedia function rooms, security monitoring, utilities and other fields.
    Functional Properties
    ◆ Compatible with USB2.0 and USB1.1 protocols, support USB cameras, printers, USB flash drives, scanners, touch screens and other devices;
    ◆ Automatic recognition of high-speed(25Mbps~480Mbps), full-speed(500Kbps to 12Mbps), and low-speed( 10Kbps to 1.5Mbps) USB devices;
    ◆ Optical fiber transmission distance 10KM( single mode fiber);
    ◆ The optical fiber extends to the remote end and expands to four USB ports, total current up to 2000mA;
    ◆ Fiber transmission, no drive, compatible with any system, plug and play;
    ◆ A variety of power supply options: AC220V, DC-48V/DC24V, etc.
    Technical Parameters
    ◆ Ethernet optical interface          
    Number of Fiber Ports: 1
    Fiber core :Single fiber/dual fiber
    Wavelength:850nm/1310nm multi mode;1310nm/1550nm single mode
    Transmission distance:0~10Km
    Typical output power:
    Single mode 1310/1550nm: >-9dBm
    Multi-mode 850nm:-18dBm
    Multi-mode 1310nm:-25dBm
    Receiver Sensitivity: -28dBm~- 40dBm
    ◆ USB2.0 interface        
    Standard: USB2.0
    Total current: Max up to 2000mA 
    ◆ Environmental indicators  
    Operating temperature: -10 ℃ - +60 ℃
    Storage temperature: -40 ℃ - +85 ℃
    Humidity: 0% -95% (non-condensing)
    MTBF:> 100,000 hours
    Application Scheme
    USB 2.0 Fiber Modem
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