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    E1-RS232/RS422/RS485 Convertet

    Type:FCC-E1D1/R1/Q1 Message

    Description:E1-RS232/422/485 Converter provides three interfaces Used in pairs Serial port rate up to 512Kbps

    Product Description
                 This interface converter is based on FPGA providing 1Channel RS232/485/422 transmission on E1 interface. The product breaks through contradictions between traditional serial interface communication distance and communication rate besides it also can solve electromagnetic interference ground ring interference and lightning damage. The device greatly improves reliability security and confidentiality of data communication. It is widely used for various industrial control process control and traffic control occasions especially for Bank and Power and other sectors and systems which have special requirements of electromagnetic interference environment. RS232/RS485/RS422 channel can transmit adaptable serial data asynchronously 512kbps baud rate.
    Functional Properties
    Ø based on self -copyright IC
    Ø   Support 3 interfaces RS232RS422RS485 you can only use one cannot use the three interfaces at the  same time
    Ø   Can automatically detect and control RS-485 data flow without handshake signals to control the flow  direction of data
    Ø   Have the ability to automatically detect the baud rate of serial port signal
    Ø   Automatically test the reason of the device matt is that the device is power off or E1 line is broken. And then  indicate on the LED
    Ø   Provide 2 impedances: 75 Ohm unbalance and 120 Ohm balance;
    Ø   Support SNMP Network Management
    Ø   Serial channel can transmit adaptable serial data asynchronously 300 Kbps-921.6Kbps baud rate
    Ø   Serial data multiplexing in E1 support ITU-T R.111 jumping coding mode

    Ø   Serial port interface lightning-protection reached IEC61000-4-5 (8/20μS) DM(Differential Mode): 6KV    Impedance (2 Ohm)

          CM(Common Mode): 6KV Impedance (2 Ohm) standard

    Technical Parameters

    u   Ethernet interface 

        Interface Standard:  comply with protocol G.703;

        Interface Rate:  2048Kbps±50ppm;

        Interface Code: HDB3;

        Impedance:   75Ω (unbalance) 120Ω (balance);

        Jitter tolerance: In accord with protocol G.742 and G.823

        Allowed Attenuation: 0~6dBm

    u   Serial interface 


        EIA/TIA-232 RS-232 (ITU-T V.28)

        EIA/TIA-422 RS-422 (ITU-T V.11)

        EIA/TIA-485 RS-485 (ISO/IEC8284)

        Serial Interface

        RS-422: TXD+ TXD- RXD+ RXD- Signal Ground

        RS-485 4 wires: TXD+ TXD- RXD+ RXD- Signal Ground

        RS-485 2 wires: Data+(Correspond TX+) Data-(Correspond TX-) Signal Ground

        RS-232: RXD TXD Signal Ground

    u   Power


        Power supply: AC180V ~ 260V;DC –48V;DC +24V

        Power consumption: ≤3W

    u   Dimension          

        Product size:        216X140X31mm(WXDXH)
        Simple packaging:  274X193X84mm(WXDXH)
        Piece weight : 1.25KG

    u  Working environment

        Working temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C
        Working Humidity: 5%~95 % (no condensation)
        Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 80°C
        Storage Humidity: 5%~95 % (no condensation)

    Application Scheme

    Applications 1

    Applications 2

    DataSheet Download
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